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Swetha Exports is one of the largest exporters of Rough Granite Blocks from India . It is an E.O.U, exporting a fabulous variety of granite blocks to the countries like Taiwan, Italy, Singapore, and China. It is established in 1992 .
Indian Granites, especially from South India, are known worldover for their easthetic looks , multicolor, wavy patterns and beautiful color combinations.
Nature has given it’s most beautiful gift in the form of Granites and
Swetha Exports, are bringing the nature to your home in its finest forms.

Granites can be used for flooring, cladding of walls, tombs, monuments, markers, vases, garden show pieces and table tops.

Quarry We are exporting some rare kinds of Rough Granite Blocks like Tan Brown, Maple Red, Black Galaxy, White Galaxy which are scarce in other parts of the world.
We are known for assured quality, competitive price, regular supply and timely shipment. We are members of various Export Promotion Organisations / Trade Associations.